3 signs you need new commercial vehicle tires

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Do you hear a low humming sound from the air chamber every time you drive your truck or SUV? That could be a sign of misaligned tires.

It’s a warning sign from your vehicle, indicating that it’s high time you replaced those tires.

Like all things must come to an end, the tires in your truck may also need to be replaced after a stretch of time.

It’s not a mere matter of inconvenience; your tires need to be in prime condition at all times for you to be safe on the road.

The question is how do you tell if you need to purchase new commercial vehicle tires?

Read on to find out!

Sign #1—Worn Out Tire Treads

Tire treads are designed to provide traction. When they’re worn out, environmental elements can be stuck under the tires—decreasing the degree of contact your vehicle makes with the road. How to check if your tires treads have seen better days?

If more than 2/32 of an inch of the tread remains, you’re good. If not, it’s time to hit a reputable commercial vehicle tire dealer like HakaTires.


Sign #2—One-Sided Tire Tread Wear

Your tires are over-inflated if the tread wear is located on the center strip of the tire. On the other hand, wear on the edges of the tires is an indication of under-inflation.

When it comes to wear on just one side of the tire with a particular edge bumping against the road more than the other, there is a possibility of your tires being misaligned. Or like we mentioned earlier, a low hum issuing from the air chamber could give it away. If you notice any of this, you’re probably due for a tire-replacement.


Sign #3—Over-Vibration

While a small-scale vibration is inevitable while driving a commercial vehicle, too much vibration is a sign of a serious problem in your tires.

Typically, a tire wheel that’s gone out of balance will lead to over-vibration that becomes significantly worse as you increase the speed (above 40 mph to 50 mph). This vibration can prove damaging to the structural integrity of your tires. We recommend investing in new high- quality tires if you experience this.

Some more signs to keep your eyes peeled for include bulges in the tire surface, sidewall cracks and more.

Ideally, tires should be replaced in sets of 4 to ensure consistency in the size, tread design and tread depth.

If you want to purchase commercial vehicle tires that are durable and structurally-sound, get in touch with Haka Tires.

The american commercial and heavy-duty tire brand that offers tailor-made tires with high-functionality to meet the needs of all their customers.

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