Myth busting: Retread tire edition

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Myth busting: Retread tire edition

Retread/remold is a re-manufacturing process where worn out or damaged tire treads are replaced.

Retreading involves applying casings on used tires that have passed inspection and/or have been fully repaired.

To people with little knowledge of commercial-use tires, retreading may carry a less-than-glowing reputation. There are several blatantly wrong ideas about retreaded tires making rounds these days.

The truth is retreaded tires are commonly used in America. The U.S commercial trucking industry has consistently increased their annual use of retreaded tires by over 20% since 2009. In fact, it is the biggest user of retreaded tires.

So why is it that retreaded tires are not more popular among vehicle-owners? The following myths are to blame.

Myth #1— It Is Illegal To Get Tires Retreaded

This is a classic example of how myths are completely devoid of facts.

It could be because of ambiguity surrounding laws or because of idle chatter by the auto-mechanic population. The fact remains that no U.S state has banned the use of retreaded tires on any kind of vehicle—ever.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) the only exception to this are the front wheels of buses. In short, there is nothing prohibiting you to use retreaded tires for your truck or SUV.

Myth #2—Retreads Can’t Withstands Heat

The claim that excessive heat kills retread is nothing more than old wives’ tale.

While it’s true that a certain temperature can damage any tire—new or remolded—the major underlying cause behind overheated tires is under-inflated tires.

This is why keeping track of the air pressure in your tires is so important.

Myth #3—Retreaded Tires Are Not Safe For Use

This misconception was probably created by people who saw parts of a discarded tire on the side of freeways and wrongly assumed that they were seeing a delaminated retreaded tire.

Retread technology has come a long way in terms of tire safety. There is a reason that the Department of Transportation hasn’t introduced Federal Regulations concerning retreads.

To enforce optimum security, the U.S tire industry has set up internal retread standards with each retread getting stamped with a DOT number on the tire. This means that retreaded tires are as safe as brand-new treads when it comes to use.

All in all, due to the advancements in modern remolding technology, it’s possible to bond a new tread on to an old tire in such a way that the functionality of the tire isn’t compromised one bit.

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