Tires for trucks: 5 factors you need to consider

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When you’re taking your vehicle out on the road, safety should be your first priority. Truck drivers need to be especially careful while handling a bigger vehicle as they need to make sure that their vehicle is in tip top condition.

This is why, if you drive a truck, we highly recommend making a habit of inspecting your vehicle for potential problems. Keep up with your vehicle and tire maintenance. Keep rotating your rear and front tires every six months. Follow the guidance of your mechanic and invest to replace tires every 5 to 6 years.

Truck tires are different than regular car tires. Keep these factors in mind to get the best mileage out of your heavy-duty truck tires.

Pros and Cons of New vs. Retreaded Tires

New truck tires are the safest bet when you’re purchasing tires to replace your current, worn-out ones. They have fresh treads that can give you more traction on the road.

Retreaded tires, on the other hand, are a less-expensive option. That being said, the quality of these tires cannot be compared to brand new truck tires. They have a higher chance of breaking down and being bothersome to drivers.

Quality of Tires

Trucks require a specific make and model of tires. In other words, passenger vehicle tires are ill-suited for your SVUs and heavy duty trucks.

There are many types of tires available in the market. Consider the type of summer tire, all-season tire, on/off road tire, winter/snow tire, commercial tire best suits your vehicle.

All tires are not made the same. Hard and soft tire quality can impact the performance of your tires. Soft tires may wear down faster but provide a smooth ride. Hard tires, on the other hand, are durable but allow for less traction in certain weather conditions.

The Price Tag

The prices of different types of tires vary. It depends on the make, model, brand, and manufacturer. Research into the market and find the best deal based on the size and quality of the truck tires.

Traveling Route and Terrain

There are different types of tires available in the market with each designed to be driven in different terrain settings. So, when buying tires, keep your traveling routes in mind.

Also, think about important factors like the average amount of load you carry and how frequently you take the same routes. With all this research done, make sure to purchase tires that best fit your needs.

Check Owner’s Manual for Load Capacity

Every vehicle comes with an information placard that mentions all the tire specification. It is issued by the manufacturer and contains all the relevant information about the load that the truck can carry. Maximum limit and capacity will be mentioned. Verify all specifications before making your purchase.

You can now proceed to purchase truck tires from a premium dealership like Haka Tires. They manufacture high quality commercial truck tires that are the best in the business.

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