3 tire maintenance tips for heavy duty truck tires

Heavy duty trucks can be heavy duty on the pocket too if you’re not careful. Commercial truck require the most maintenance because of the sheer load they take and how, if things go wrong they would be, quite literally, a very big hazard to others on the road.

To ensure the same never happens to you, here are some maintenance tips that will help you keep your commercial truck tires in tip-top condition.


Check your tires for wear and tear. If you notice that the tread marks are rubbing off on one side of the tire, there’s a bigger problem. Uneven wear on your tires indicate a problem with alignment.

Alignment checks are important for your vehicle as they affect the wearing out of your tires.

Inspect the tires for objects

The tread of the tire is a common hotspot for small object like pebbles and shards of glass, etc. While the former is of little consequence, the latter must be avoided at all costs as it may cause a puncture in the tire.

What makes matters worse is that it’s really easy to overlook such small items in large, heavy-duty tires. Small sharp objects like these tend to wear out the air in the tire causing deflation and inefficient mileage.

Air pressure

How long has it been since you’ve checked your air pressure? Under and over inflation can be a cause for concern in how your vehicle drives and how your tires wear.

One way to check for under inflation is to check tread marks. If the tread marks on the sides of the tire are more worn out than the center, you have under-inflation and vice versa.

Both over and under inflation can cause safety issues when you drive. Since the entire face of the tire isn’t in contact with the road, your vehicle is more susceptible to hydroplaning and you could lose traction.

Constant checks of the air pressure in all tires and making sure they are all even is important for a truck driver. Our experts suggest a check every 3 days on the air pressure of your tires considering the heavy nature of the vehicle.

With these tips you can get the most of your tires. Visit Haka Tires to order your newest set of high-performance tires.

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