Guide to tire tread

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Heavy duty truck tires are designed to carry large cargo. The structure of commercial tires is made to support such weight. Part of the structure of a truck tire is the tread on it.

Treads are specifically designed to meet the needs of the drive—whether it is for off-road driving or a more luxurious pavement drive. Here are some reasons why tire tread is so important.

Water dispersing

One of the main reasons why the treads are in place on commercial truck tires is to channel out the water.

Driving in wet conditions is never ideal. New truck tires have crisp, deep tread marks. This helps the water disperse through the tires and channel them outwards on the pavement. When a tire wears out, the tread depth decreases. This can be dangerous as it promotes hydroplaning. The vehicle begins to slip on the wet surface and the driver may lose control of the truck. Therefore, it is essential to change your vehicle’s tires when the tread wears off significantly.

Weather appropriate

As a commercial vehicle driver, you must know of the winter tires and the all-season tires. Winter tires are made with a softer rubber compound in comparison to that of the all season ones.

They are designed for optimal performance during the snowy and low temperatures. It’s advised against using these tires in temperatures over 45°F.

Winter tires are also known to have wider tread marks to hold snow. The snow held in the wheels help attract the snow on the ground and help with your grip on the road.



The tread on your truck tire can affect the mileage you achieve with your vehicle. If the tread is worn-out, your gas mileage will suffer. Having an uneven tread will also affect how your vehicle drives and therefore the gas used. The truck will be applying more power to get the usual miles on the road, therefore burning more fuel. Having wide and deeper treads can also lead to reducing the mileage on your truck.

You can improve the overall performance of your commercial vehicle by choosing heavy duty truck tires with tread that’s specific to your drive needs. We have a range of tires for you to choose from!

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